First Internet of Things-optimised Exynos processor has been introduced by Samsung Electronics.

The company has declared Exynos i T200 as its first processor optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) devices launched by Samsung Electronics.

The South Korean tech giant stated that chip has increased safety and assist wireless connections, with goal of proving it a benefit in the extending IoT market.

Eynos i is a secondary brand of Eyxnos —  used by Samsung for its processors for handsets — planned at IoT devices. A company spokesperson said, future processors for IoT will go on to bear the brand.

The Exynos i T200 applies Samsung’s 28-nanometer High-K Metal Gate process and has multiple cores, with the Cortex-R4 doing the heavy lifting and an independently operating Cortex-M0+ granting for multifunctionality.

For instance, if used in a refrigerator, Cotext-R4 will drive the OS and Cotex-M0+ will power LED displays on the doors.

The recent chip also include Security Sub System hardware which permits for passwords and backing up information, also includes Physically Unclonable work that avoid illegal copying.

The Exynos i T200 has Wi-Fi Alliance certification and Microsoft’s Azure IoT certification and it supports 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity . It also supports open source IoT protocol standard IoTivity, advised by Open Connectivity Foundation.

Samsung is strongly watching the IoT market, last month unveiling Tizen 4.0, the recent version of its operating system, which will be used in more devices than smartphones.

It also advertised the ARTIK brand last year,  which includes its IoT modules and cloud platform.

For the authentic Exynos brand, Samsung is large producing the latest 10-nanometer ones for its own smartphones.


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