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Ponder which are the world’s five most great smartphones? Smartphones that sent most regarding units and also hold most significant market share comprehensively? Inquire about firm Strategy Analytic Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) cases to monitor the same. Here are five smartphones that “sold” most within the first quarter of 2017.

Apple iPhone 7


On the top of the list is Apple’s latest flagship smartphone – you all know iPhone 7. iPhone 7 is the world’s most shipped smartphone in the first quarter of 2017. We all love Apple phones and know about iPhone craze because of its feature. Some 21.5 million units of Apple iPhone 7 shipped worldwide in Q1 2017, capturing 6 percent global market shares.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Wow, here is again apple at the No.2 position with Apple flagship – iPone 7 plus, this is the big screen variant of iPhone 7. In reports which showed that apple has shipped 17.4 million units of iPhone 7 plus. It has big market share worldwide in the first quarter and it is 5%. King of 2017 again.

Oppo R9s


Here is a twist because this time at the No.3 position is Oppo R9S. Oppo R9s is another sensation.   This smartphone, which is still to make its India debut, launched in China in October 2016. Reports show that Oppo shipped 8.9 million units of the smartphone and it helps 2.5% global market share during the first quarter of 2017. Oppo increases their market share with time.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

In the top 5 selling smartphones list is Samsung Galaxy J3(2016) and it is the most popular smartphone in the world from Samsung brand. Samsung sells 6.1 million units and 1.7% global market share. This smartphone launched in India last year in May 2016 at Rs 8,990  approximately.

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)Samsung-Galaxy-J5-(2016)

In the most popular smartphone in the world list is the 5th phone is from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016). Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) is mid range phone.  Samsung shipped 5 millions units of smartphones and held 1.4% global market share during the period. We all aware from this Korean Giant and Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) smartphone launched in India in May 2016 at Rs 13,990.


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