Windows Maintenance Mistakes

Every person who owns a computer with the Windows Operating System knows that he needs to perform regular maintenance to keep his computer running smoothly. But there are some important changes to take into account with recent versions, especially with Windows 10.


  • Windows Registry.Cleaning or not. What can I do?


This is one of the most common beliefs among technicians and Windows users. Throughout time, many things have been said about this subject and many people believe in it today. There are countless pieces of software for cleaning the Windows Registry, there are many television ads and advertisements through the Internet that explain the benefits of doing this procedure.

According to some experts and advertisements; Hundreds of bugs, they say, are slowing down your PC’s performance. And all this to be able to sell a cleaning software.

The truth of the matter is that it is not necessary to clean the registry. It is true that, over time, the constant use of Pc, unnecessary registry entries will be maintained due to the uninstallation of software and other actions. But these are not a detriment to the performance of your PC. You will never notice a big difference in your computer’s performance even if you eliminate thousands of “problems”.


  • Automatic cleaning ?. Why not take advantage of it


In earlier versions of Windows users should remember how to perform a lot of maintenance tasks on their own, or resort to using the task scheduler. In Windows 10, many tools run on their own schedules so you do not have to always check them. Specifically, users should ensure that Windows 10 is automatically wiping old files and defragmenting their drive. Although some experts ensure that it is not necessary, and sometimes inconvenient to do the defragmenting of the hard drive.

Not Taking Advantage of Automatic Cleaning

If you want to run the Cleanup Tool at a specific time, open Settings and visit the System section. Select the Storage tab on the left and look for the Storage Sense header. Activate this slider for Windows to automatically clean old files. You can click Change how we free space to specify whether you want to clean the temporary files and the old contents of the Recycle Bin. There is also a Clean button now that you can use to get some extra space. And ready..! You just have to wait until all the maintenance tasks are done.

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  1. Never Neglect Windows Updates

You should know that Windows Update also belongs to the maintenance category. In Windows 10, any user can temporarily disable updates but it is something that experts do not recommend because many times you can download security updates essential for a good operation of the Operating System.

All users of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, have more control over Windows updates and can even disable them completely. In Windows 10 this does not happen. You must remember something very important: without updates, your computer is more vulnerable.


You should learn a bit more about how to manage Windows Update to make it work better for you, but do not disable or ignore updates. Keep your PC safe with the latest patches. As a last resort, I can tell you that if PC owners had applied all the recommended Windows updates, the devastating ransomware attack in May would not have been so bad.

  1. A tragic error: No backup

Nowadays it is not excusable that computer users do not constantly back up their data.

Some people have a pointless argument “I have nothing important” and for this reason do not back up. Even if you do not have important documents, sentimental images, or other irreplaceable files on your machine, it is very important to perform this task periodically. One good reason to do this is that your PC could crash and it would take many hours to recover from data loss. Simply setting up Windows the way you had it before it failed could take hours, and your time is valuable.

  1. A Excellent idea.Running RAM Optimizers. Why not?

Windows 10 has free tools to optimize the memory of your computers. You just have to pay attention to those options and maybe to investigate a little about them. These softwares that are constantly promoted by links or advertisers through different means are very similar to registry cleaners. There are many pieces of software that try to “optimize” the memory of your computer (RAM) so that the programs do not consume more than they should. A responsible user should avoid these too.

Modern versions of Windows do a good job of managing RAM on their own.

  1. You should not let everything run at startup

Having too many programs running is one of the main causes of slow running of a computer and this is a serious problem at the start of Windows.

Letting Everything Run at Startup
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There are programs that are not essential and you can use them occasionally, because these applications open every time you turn on your computer but it means wasting important resources. You should only have essential applications when starting Windows.

  1. Never you should say never: Forgoing Physical Maintenance. Essential for your Pc.

Many people only think that specific Windows maintenance is based solely on software. But this is a common mistake. Because your computer may also have physical problems that could affect its performance in the future. Make sure you do not neglect hardware maintenance or make major maintenance errors, such as restricting ventilation or allowing dust to accumulate.

Regular hardware maintenance is a very important thing that will ensure that your software continues to function well.



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