Wireless Global Data SIM
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AlwaysOnline Wireless Global Data SIM ensures economical 4G LTE data in more than 90 countries. There are so many companies providing identical products, and on the ground it’s an excellent concept : change your phone’s SIM card with theirs, and you will not be charged for any data usage while roaming.

However the actuality is little different . I have been a supporter of merely purchasing a local SIM card in whichever country I tour. It is economical and easily available.

The huge mass of ”data everywhere” SIMs are essentially more costlier than purchasing local, with bit-to-no comfort advantage. The best part which I realized about AOW’s Global Data SIM was it looked to be sort of reasonable prices, along with a broad category of plan lengths, few as short as an hour.

So here is the breaks down.

Global Data SIM

In case the Always Online Wireless term seems common, it is because this is not their first attempt into the data SIM retail. Earlier you could receive same item to the Global Data SIM for iPad (but just iPad).

Currently you can receive one for “any unlocked smartphone, tablet or hotspot.” The ”unlocked” part is key, and you can find out my For For Cheap International Data For Your Phone, Do This for more data on how to do that.

Changing your current SIM is convenient, generally just needing a restart and maybe the modification of setting or two. I haven’t set up AOW’s SIM, but there doesn’t look to be anything distinct.

The most crucial aspect, then, is the price.

The cost of Global Data SIM is $14.95. It will only provide you SIM itself but no data. After that you can purchase the plans, as per the length you want, the cost of which differs by country.

I purchased a SIM from Three UK this week, in order to use that as our first instance. I received 12 gigabytes of 4G data for 20 pounds. This is enough for one month, at that time I’ll require to get a Three UK store to recharge (the app and other country’s Three stores won’t work).

The cost for one month AOW’s in the UK is $60 for 3 gigabytes data. Or you can receive daily price $10/200MB or an hour for $1/20MB. So yes, local sim succeeds once again, by a lot. If you are alone in the country abd just need to find the hotel on Google Maps, that $1 for 20 MB isn’t costly. However , it’s somewhat convenient to discover free WiFi if that’s all you want.

Other countries are little similar . For example, Japan, is $119 for 3GB. Previous year I purchased a local sim for $35 with 2 GB of 4 GB data and after that unlimited 2G data . In 2014, I purchased a SIM from Drei Austria for $13.55 in which I received 1 GB data for a week. AOW needs $50 for 1GB.

One more important thing is that with a local SIM you can make calls and text numbers in that country which you can’t carry out with AOW’s SIM (Skype/WhatsApp notwithstanding). Costly Convenience.

Therefore AOW’s costs are much in succession with the other third-party ”travel SIMs”. It’s simple to figure out why. These companies are purchasing data bandwidth from regional telecoms, that is sold for a gain, and then selling it to you, for a gain. So it’s probably they’ll continually be more costlier than purchasing straight from the said telecoms.

The benefit is that you don’t require to get a local SIM when you reach the place, the card just performs its job. That’s a costly comfort, particularly while many airports have point to purchase SIM cards.

See, I like the concept of a SIM which will work everywhere. I tour a lot and to have a phone that just works anywhere I go is awesome (something you can do with T-Mobile). But the high price of travel SIMs is bad. Sooner or later their cost might decrease and then I’ll go with that.



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