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Recently Apple has added many new graphics overlay and posters, some are classic Disney and Pixar characters and it’s very easy to use video creation app for iOS called ‘Clips’. These are available on iPhones and iPads, the company announced recently.
The company makes several usability improvements and it makes easier to turn video clips and photos into fun, expressive videos across its iPhone and iPad devices and are now available on the App Store.

This new graphics overlay comes with classic Disney and Pixar characters in their ‘Clips’ videos.
New overlay version clips 1.1 are available of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

In this app, the company includes new characters from Pixar’s Toy Story and inside out, all users can choose different emotions with joy, fear, and others. The app is available on the store.
In ‘clips’ 10 new Apple designer overlay will add and 12 posters that feature dramatic graphics, beautifully rendered backgrounds, and customizable animated text. User can use the app and they will easily get all information on App.

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