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In the coming years, the agency and its new associates are getting ready to carry out various tests.

The European Space Agency has merged forces with 16 European space companies to show and champion satellite-based 5G internet. They named their new initiative as “Satellite for 5G,” and they decided to sign their contract at the Paris Air and Space Show. The associates aspire to set up satellites for use in different tests to be executed in the coming few years. By doing this, they desire to ensure providers that satellite based 5G can be can be better terrestrial-based in so many situations and to safe guard support from the European Commission. As Magali Vassiere, ESA’s Director of Telecommunications, said in a conference fixed after the break, satellites can supply high-speed 5G network even on mountains and islands distant from cell towers. They could also assure that you can arrive fist responders anywhere you are on Earth.

As the combined contract is yet in its very previous phases, the members did not get  the chance  to iron out the particulars of the experiment they think to perform now. there will be more to come about this project at the  “Space and Satcom for 5G: European Transport and Connected Mobility” meeting on June 27th to 28th, and we will inform you if the team declares anything big.

After the contract was signed, Vaissiere said in a statement:

“5G provides a major opportunity for our space industry, for space and satellites to become integral parts of the future generation of communications networks and services. The joint statement demonstrates that our key industrial stakeholders are ready to join forces in response to this industrial ambition. ESA is going to define a framework supporting industrial action and further strengthening and coordinating institutional support in Europe and in particular with the EC.”


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