Here are the top impossible features I’d get a kick out of the chance to see heated into the following iPhone.

While Apple likes to concentrate on making new iPhones lighter, more slender, and faster, I’d rather the iPhone 8 get these five features.


Leaving an iPhone plugged to for quite a long time is unsuitable. There are a lot that are  top of the line – and not all are top of the line – smartphone that can get a better than average charge in quarter an hour, and it’s the ideal opportunity for Apple to add this to its premium smart phone.


There’s probability Gorilla Glass is extreme. However, it’s still glass. Glass has a propensity for shattering.What’s more, with bits of gossip proposing that Apple is putting glass on the back of the iPhone as well – to bolster wireless charging – there will be twice as much glass to break.

A sapphire display would be superb. However, a truly toughened display, for example, that established on the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 will do fine.


Apple utilizes layered storage as an approach to approach gobs of cash for what is basically a couple of dollars’ worth of additional storage. Additionally, the absence of an expansion slot implies that if proprietors hit a storage wall, well, it’s an ideal opportunity to purchase another iPhone with significantly more storage.

That is to say, if the tenth anniversary iPhone 8 is $1,000 or all the more, then Apple ought to be striking and stop nickel-and-diming buyers for more storage.

On the other hand, you can include your own microSD card space …kind of.

#4: HIGHER-Resolution CAMERA

Twelve megapixels isn’t generally that much with regards to a camera, and notwithstanding the way that the Plus version of the iPhone has a twin-camera arrangement, it’s the ideal opportunity for Apple to push the megapixel envelope with the following release.

I realize that picture quality isn’t down to quite recently the quantity of megapixels, however by the day’s end, the more detail captured by the camera, the more detail will be in the photo, and the all the more processing and refining that should be possible.

#5: MORE System Ram.

While 3 gigabytes of RAM as found in the most recent iPhones isn’t terrible, more RAM would take into consideration better and smoother multitasking, and additionally enable the operating system to process higher megapixel photos and juggle greater documents with to a lesser extent of an execution hit.


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