samsung s 8

There’s another quick wireless charging pad that transforms amongst flat and standing modes.

The Gear S3 is an awesome smartwatch, however, doesn’t have the same number of apps as the Apple Watch You may likewise need to consider a battery pack, for keeping charged on the go.

In case you’re searching for a couple of approaches to get more out of your Galaxy S8, we have a couple of ideas.

We’ve used the vast majority of the items underneath and have been inspired by what each offers. They’re altogether made by Samsung, as well, so you know they’ll work just fine and dandy with your shiny new Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+.

Look at a couple of the large new accessories Samsung offers for the S8 below.

Charge wirelessly without holding up until the end of time wireless charge

Wireless charging stands have been around for quite a long time, yet this new convertible one from Samsung is the best yet. It has two modes, a lay-flat mode, and a propped-up mode. The previous is incredible for showing amid travel while I favor the latter at my desk. It charges the Galaxy S8 (or any of Samsung’s wireless charging smartphones) rapidly and easily. Simply drop the phone on and, boom, a little indicator light tells you the charging has begun.

Get a smartwatchGears3

It’s a costly accessory however one Galaxy fans will appreciate. The Gear S3 is accessible in two models, a classic and a more rugged frontier, and syncs flawlessly with the Galaxy S8. I cherish that it bolsters the greater part of my Android apps for notifications, such as breaking news alerts from CNBC, and furthermore that it has a more conventional watch design and doesn’t look as well “nerdy.”

It’s water and dust resistant,so you don’t have to stress over it in the shower, offers a few days of battery life and can monitor your workouts and heart rate. I normally lean toward the Apple Watch for its gigantic exhibit of apps, yet this smartwatch is a nearby second.

Take quick charging in a hurry s8-battery-pack

One of the best features of the Galaxy S8 is its support for quick charging, which implies you don’t have to invest a great deal of energy sitting at the outlet. Samsung as of late presented a battery pack that offers this support which implies you can charge rapidly on the go. It provides enough juice for right around two full charges.

A cover that serves as a stand amsung-flip-cover-720x547

I’m still looking for the ideal Galaxy S8 case, yet Samsung’s Clear View standing coveris pretty darn strong up until now. It secures the phone and its displays while additionally enabling you to view and interact with notifications by swiping the clear front cover. When you’re not protecting the phone, you can flip the cover around to prop up your Galaxy S8 while viewing your desired show on Netflix. A little magnet keeps the flap closed which is critical.

Is it a phone or a Computer? samsung-dex-galaxy-s8-17

The $199 DeX Station isn’t out yet — it’s still up for pre-order — however it’s the adornment I’m most thrilled for. When it launches, you’ll have the aptitude to transform your Galaxy S8 into a more customary computer,interacting with it through a full display with a console and mouse.

This ought to make finishing work in Microsoft Word or Excel considerably less demanding than tapping endlessly on a smartphone, however despite everything you’ll have the ability to get phone calls and text messages, all from a desktop environment. It even supports virtual desktop solutions, for example, Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizontal Client and Amazon Work Space,so you can take advantage of your Windows-powered work Computer remotely since your IT department lets you.


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