Pixel 2

It seems that Google is facing problem in shipping as it’s not expected. Some buyers got the email by the company that their order has been delayed and they will get Pixel 2 in next month, who ordered a white Pixel 2. People are frustrated who ordered Pixel 2 and they posted on Reddit, as was first picked up by Android Police.

For not shipping Pixel 2 Google is offering a free live case to all their customers, its cost is $40. It’s really good saving for anyone who wanted to buy a case, but that won’t necessarily make up for having to wait an extra month for something that was supposed to arrive just days from now — especially since orders are being delayed for the early-adopter crowd.

It happens another time ( SUPPLY ISSUE)
According to Reddit reports, the issue is coming with the 64GB model of the white pixel 2. Pixel 2 is out of stock now and so the company is delayed. The company is facing supply issue along with other Pixel 2; remains out of stock and so customer feel very unlucky. Some customers are trying to get another model by switching colors (unless they’re okay with 64GB black model).

Google is facing problem with Pixel 2 shipping, it’s not a good sign again how the company is struggling. The company struggled to keep enough of the original Pixel in stock last year, and either it didn’t learn anything in the time since or couldn’t figure out how to scale up manufacturing capacity. Pixel 2 sold out within an hour of the phone going on sale, and now company suggests to the customer if you have not booked order, you’re probably going to have to wait.

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