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  • Apple propelled a site that shows users how to take better photos with their iPhone 7.
  • Its 16 videos incorporate “how to shoot a one-handed selfie” and “how to shoot during golden hour.”
  • Apple hasn’t offered basic tutorials like this sometime recently.

Apple propelled another site Friday with 16 videos devoted to showing iPhone 7 proprietors how to take better photos.

Apple has dependably showcased how incredible its phones are at taking photos, regularly flaunting shots snapped by expert photographs. However it hasn’t yet given such valuable and basic tutorials to users. The videos are necessary, enabling everybody to comprehend better what they can do with the phones that are now in their pocket.

The points incorporate “how to shoot an impressive portrait” and “how to shoot without a flash,” which can be troublesome in case you’re taking pictures in low light. Different tutorials show you how to use functions you won’t have known existed on an iPhone — like how to snap a photo while additionally filming, and how to set a selfie timer.
To snap better photos from a unique angle, for instance, Apple suggests tilting the iPhone 7, gazing straight upward, or getting little regarding a matter before snapping the photo. To shoot several photos, Apple says you ought to hold the shutter button down, enabling it to shoot several frames per second,and afterward check your gallery of burst photos and select the most favorite one.

The videos are around 30 seconds each and walk users through each step, making suggestions on how photographers might need to position themselves, or the subject, and what functions to use on the iPhone 7.

The tutorials page is valuable, but at the same time, it’s another sign that Apple needs to keep on supporting the products its user’s purchase — something its rivals still can’t seem to do.

While the page is centered on the iPhone 7, proprietors of more established iPhone’s ought to discover a lot of significant worth here, as well. Here is the page


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