Huawei Mate 10

Very little is known about Huawei’s much-anticipated Mate 10 smartphone and Huawei consumer business group handset business vice president Bruce Lee hopes it stays that way until the official release at the end of this year.

Lee shared some information about their upcoming model, the Mate 10 will come with integrated Al and it will make the Smartphone faster and more intelligent. Al integration will improve Smartphone performance.

“We think that the integration of AI in the Cloud is not enough. We want to integrate the AI in the device itself. This will give the device learning capabilities,” he said. The Al is able to understand images, on top of the usual text and voice commands.

The company is already using machine learning Algorithm in their Smartphone Mate 9, and it learns the habits over time to optimise performance and memory. Lee said, “that the integrated AI would do all that and more but declined to share if its other phones would also benefit from it in the future.”

According to Lee statement, Huawei will also continue to innovate its EMUI (Emotion User Interface) and company will introduce the new version in their upcoming Smartphones.
Huawei upcoming Smartphone mate 10 will run on the improved in-house Kirin 970 processor, Lee said

Answering to the question of about Mate 10 screen size (6in display with an 18:9 ratio named EntireView Display), Lee didn’t confirm any thing and said that he had never heard of it before. But he admitted that Mate 10 would have a big screen, but it’s not confirmed yet.

Lee stated that company is also working on Smartphone battery and they know the importance of it so Huawei is working on battery improvement.

Huawei is working still with Leica for the Mate 10, and Lee said and Lee said that it will give a better photography experience thanks to improvements in the lens, image quality and image processing algorithm.


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