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Chinese handset manufacturer Xiaomi on Friday declared that it has exported 23.16 million handsets in Q2 2017, a 70 percent growth from the earlier quarter. The latest numbers signify a record huge for Xiaomi’s quarterly handset delivery.

Xiaomi is actually doing good in various markets majorly in India and China and as the company has been earning a lot of recognition, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun revealed this latest accomplishment saying the income from India in the first half of the year has increased by 328 percent year-on-year. “We are now the two brand in the overall Indian smartphone market. Redmi Note 4 has become the highest shipped smartphone in the country, and Xiaomi is now widely recognized as a leading brand,” he said.

He applied the development to the company’s contribution in R&D. And most possibly, now these contributions are delivering fruit. In February, Xiaomi did introduce Surge S1, the company’s proprietary chipset created and grown in-house, which was a breakthrough in its chipset technology abilities. Last year, the company also enforced for 7,071 patents world-wide out of which 2,895 patents were allowed. Moreover, half were international patents.

The company’s growth can also be applied to the enhancements that Xiaomi has delivered in product quality and customer care. Beside that, the company has also made handset introduces such as the Xiaomi Mi 6, Redmi Note 4 and Mi Max 2 that has had a high need in the market. Causing to higher sales and finally growth in deliveries.

Jun has also said that much of the deliveries were due to their dual online and offline technique that the company has been acting upon to plan the sales of its items. Apart from this, the company has began 123 Mi Home stores all over China and Xiaomi is anticipating to start another 14 stores. The company has also began opening stores in India also.

“This achievement signifies a major inflection point in our growth – after two years of internal recalibration, Xiaomi is once again embarking on a rapid growth trajectory,” Jun stated at the company’s handset all-hands conference on Friday. Xiaomi has decided an aim to attain a profit of 100 billion yuan for the year. Well, it seems as Xiaomi is slowly working towards its aim.

– He also indicated that, in the next 12 months, the company will be appointing thousands of R&D skills for its handset business and further help the company’s innovation abilities.

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