iPhone 8
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This year, Apple’s leadership iPhone is stated to have an OLED display, a complete-glass model, wireless charging and plenty more (iPhone 8). Currently, Twitter leaker Benjamin Geskin is declaring that the smartphone is coming in 4 wonderful colors- one of that is a latest mirror-like choice.

Not much can be said regarding the latest color choice, however Geskin has given an example of what the phone could appear like. It’s necessary to mention that the picture Geskin uses is really an iPhone in a mirror case, but the complete thought is the same and can be viewed below. It nearly feels as if the iPhone 8 will feature the mirror-like glass model of the old iPod designs, viewed above, but the mirror model would possibly coat all over the corners to the stainless steel bezels.

Geskin’s declare comes from an anonymous source and adhere to a news from the mainly trustworthy Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI. Kuo mentioned in his statement that the iPhone 8 will come in fewer colors than common in an attempt to manage a “boutique” branding. KGI has a solid track history, but note that he stated “fewer” colors, not importantly ruling out a latest mirror-like choice.

In the past, we’ve noticed stated iPhone 8 pictures come out demonstrating the phone in black and white. If Geksin’s declaration of a mirror choice is correct, it’s not sure what the fourth iPhone 8 color choice would be, with gold and rose gold both possible choices.

iPhone 8
image: 9to5mac.com

One probability is that Geskin’s source is mixing up a latest ‘mirror-like’ option with the jet black color, which is previously instead mirror-like.

In extension to Geskin’s new declaration, YouTuber UnboxTherapy today shared a latest hands-on video of an stated iPhone 8 prototype that is supposed to be a 1:1 CNC design created from factory dimension data. The video provides a thorough view at the smartphone and its complete size and model. Watch it below.

Latest iPhone 8 report comes following a couple of bombshell news declaring the phone won’t have Touch ID at all, but rather latest facial identification technology. Another news have declared in-screen Touch ID, while few have stated rear-facing Touch ID.

What do you assume of a latest mirror-like iPhone 8 choice? Is it anything you would be excited about? Let us know what you think down in the comments


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