iPhone 8
Nodus and Gordon Kelly iPhone 8 will be limited to three colours at launch - black, jet black and white (potentially silver)

There is some bad news for Apple enthusiasts who are eagerly looking forward to iPhone 8 and scour the Internet for any news about it.

The news is that the customers will get only a limited colour choice. It is expected that at the time of the launch the iPhone 8 will only be available in Black, Jet Black and White (Silver) as compared to the Silver, Gold, Black, Jet Black, Rose Gold and Red in which one can buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus. Of these six colours Gold and Rose Gold have proved to be highly popular with iPhone customers in the recent past and the company could cash in on this and come up with the iPhone 8 in Red with black front in the future.

Many customers would prefer this colour combination over the white front that Apple chose for the Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which did not go down well with the customers, who made their dislike for this combination amply clear. This reduction in the number of colour choices has been confirmed by KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo.

This reduction in the number of colours available at the time of launch is due to Apple’s insistence to keep the front of t he iPhone 8 black so as to downplay its cut-out top bezel.
While this cut-out could cause design problems for Apple it can prove to be good news for Apple commercially if Apple can use the new OLED display to camouflage the top cut- out.

There is every chance that the customers would embrace this reduction in the choice of colours, failing which makers of custom finishes would have a boom time.


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