iPhone 8
Key iPhone 8 feature could be disastrous - A leaked image of the iPhone 8 has highlighted one key feature and the fury from some customers is spilling over.Source:Supplied

Finally, that time has come; wait is over for the iPhone. Thursday Apple sent out the media invitation for their next event, which they are going to held on 12 September at the Steve Jobs Theater at its new campus in Cupertino. we can expect that the company can unveil the iPhone 8 with other products at this big event because ten years has completed of original iPhone launched.

In this event, the Cupertino-headquartered company can announce three iPhone models and high-end iPhone 8 is on the list. The company can announce an upgrade to its Apple TV media streaming device, bringing support for 4K and HDR technologies. Some other products can be launched in the event.

The company can introduce instead house 3D sensors to enable facial recognition feature. The company is looking upgrade features in iPhone 8. As we know Apple is the company which made popular fingerprint scanner on Smartphone and Now Company is going to make a big change for new Smartphone.

According to rumors iPhone 8 is going to launch with much smaller chins — bezels — allowing the company to fit bigger displays in the same (as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) if not smaller form factor. Speaking of which, reports suggest that at least one of the models will feature OLED display (current generation iPhone models ship with LCD displays). iPhone can be launch at the price of $999.

For the Indian market, there is not information about pricing, but it’s sure that it will more costly and may be above 72000 rupees. Because last time iPhone 7 was launched 72000 rupees and now the company will increase the price. Apple starts shipping of the iPhone for US market within 2 weeks and makes the new models available in India in about four weeks to six weeks.

In the event, Apple can also introduce new Apple Watch models featuring support for LTE connectivity, a much-anticipated capability that could make the Apple Watch much less reliant on the iPhone.



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