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The smallest satellite of the world was just launched by NASA  (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) on 21 June. A team of students from Tamil Nadu had designed the satellite which weighs a mere  64 g. It’s been named KalamSat in the remembrance of previous scientist and late President, APJ Abdul Kalam.

Very small satellitewas launched by a NASA sounding rocket from NASA’s Wallops island facility. News Nation announces that this is the first time “an Indian student’s experiment has been carried by NASA.”

Rifath Sharook, who assisted in designing the satellite, says that the aim of the satellite is to show the power of 3D printed carbon fibre, designed the satellite. The satellite was chosen via a ‘Cubes in Space’ contest, which was set up in part by NASA. Total 86,000 designs were presented, Sharook’s design was the one that got selected.

The standards of the contest stated that the satellite must be 64 g in weight and fit in a 4cm cube.

“Space Kidz India” named organization funded the Sharook’s effort.

The satellite successfully endured 12 minutes of microgravity in space.



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