BENGALURU: Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has notified that the shameful hacking team Lazarus, that was trusted to be after last year’s Bangladesh bank robbery and the 2014 attack on Sony Pictures, is also guilty for the latest ATM attacks in various parts of the world. This involves the cyberattacks that hit various ATMs in South Korea former this year. The company stated this is additional evidence that the hacking team is also watching at financial benefits over its former program of disruption governmental and commercial system.

Currently, Kaspersky and other safety companies had also connected the WannaCry ransomware attacks to the Lazarus team, in which hackers ordered ransom in Bitcoins.

The Russian company stated it linked the attack to Lazarus later a elaborated malware study, by which it discovered that the malicious code and methods used in the South Korean ATM attack had resemblance with former attacks broadly applied to Lazarus, that is stated to be a North Korean cybergang. Over 60 ATMs, handled by one dealer was polluted, and analysis of over 2,500 credit cards were compromised.

The identical aggressors were also after the blow on South Korea’s military agency in which 3,000 server performs were blow in August 2016, Kaspersky Lab stated.

“The language used by the hackers showed a common phrase in some samples and included some odd characters.These characters appear in the Korean Windows version, which we believe was copy-pasted on an English version by the developer,“ Vitaly Kamluk, a senior member at Kaspersky Lab, stated at the time of the latest Interpol World 2017 cybersecurity meeting in Singapore.

“While neither the military nor ATM attacks were huge and damaging, they are evidence of a worrying trend. We believe they are state-sponsored attackers, but this cyber crime gang has the intention of making profits,“ stated Seongsu Park, a senior security analyst at the firm.


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