Surface 3

Panos Panay, is an executive at Microsoft and developer of Surface computers. this top Microsoft executive will announce new generations of desktop and notebook computers next month in London, according to The Verge.

This is an event, to be held in October, to be an annual event that Microsoft has traditionally done, although Microsoft has not confirmed the event, but The Verge magazine said the annual event will be held in October, the month in that the company usually advertises new computers.

This event has caused many speculations and expectations, but for now it is only a mystery. It is even speculated that Microsoft could launch an LTE version of its Surface Pro, as well as upgrades to other devices such as the Surface Book or the Surface Hub. The new laptops could also be presented in this show, which will have ARM processors.

In addition, Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will arrive on October 17, which is a very important update and will be a good opportunity for this company to show the future of its Windows operating system with new computers.

Surface 3

The new Microsoft tablet will cost less than the Pro version, but it maintains many aspects of the design and materials of the other versions of the Surface, which are more expensive. Although it is an economic model, it finally has the full version of Windows. This device could be considered a hybrid, because it has a keyboard and cover, that will transform a tablet into a laptop.

However, its processor does not have characteristics that can tell us about performance. According to some experts, this means that this is not a full time PC. The keyboard, which also doubles as a cover, is still sold separately and costs a lot more money than the base hardware price. The bracket has only three angles.

Surface 3 is a solid tablet that will finally run the real version of Windows, but will not offer a better value if the keyboard cover is not included.

This new Microsoft bid has a very attractive price; anyone can buy it for US $ 499.

The Surface line is excellent according to the opinion of many people. However, some consider adding a $ 129 keyboard to a $ 1,000 tablet is an added expense.

With full Windows 8 integrated, the new Surface that is not Pro works practically like a traditional laptop. It uses an Intel Core M processor, which can be found on ultra-light or hybrid computers, the Surface uses the latest Intel Atom; this chip was widely used in low-end notebook computers, which were characterized by low power. The new Atom X, formerly known as Cherry Trail, is known by many technology experts as the most powerful Atom so far, and has the ability to even play 4K videos.

In practice, casual web browsing, email and streaming HD video from Netflix and other sources run smoothly on Surface 3, especially if you stay in Windows-optimized programs such as Internet Explorer 11 and other apps pre-installed with the Windows 8 tile interface.

But Surface 3, like the previous Surface Pro, represents one of the best Windows 8 user experiences on a tablet. Many people think that their hardware is very good, feels good and is well built. It includes several ports so you can use them as you want. The bracket and keyboard cover are much better than other tablet makers can offer.

However, many users do not like the Windows 8 interface, and the apps are slow to swap the orientation between portrait and landscape, and many native Windows 8 apps do not work the same in both views.

Working in its favor, Windows says that Surface 3 is ready for Windows 10 when the operating system update is enabled this summer. This should remove the uncomfortable split between the two views.

Some people have called the Surface 3 a premium product, and good quality very similar to Pro models, with the same magnesium exterior. Weighs only 1.37 pounds (without keyboard). A good change is the new Micro-USB charging port, which is easier to use than the previous Microsoft single connector. However, the Surface 3 does not move the connector to the USB-C, as seen in the 12-inch Macbook and Google’s new Chromebook Pixel.

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