Minecraft Nintendo Switch

This week, Microsoft showed that mine craft, the game acquired a few years ago for $2.5 billion, now has its way into the Nintendo switch. The new game will have the same features seen in the console version, Microsoft said. These also includes the multiplayer mini-games, Battle and Tumble.

Also, it will enjoy the flexibility of switch which accommodates eight players online or locally if every person has a switch; or up to four can play in a split screen view together on television from a single console. Players can also use the device kickstand to play stand-up mode when your TV is not available, which can also support four players via split-screen mode. The players can either use Joy-Cons or Controller Pro, depending on your choice.

With the easily carried switch, you can keep playing even when you out of the home. Microsoft affirmed that the game runs smoothly at 720p and 60fps resolution even if you are playing on the big TV screen or handheld mode.


In this version of the game-Mine craft, Microsoft is also launching a Super Mario Mash-Up Pack. (Edition Wii U has Mario and skins textures too.)

These also includes a thematic world of Mario with mushrooms, plants and iconic pipes and the music of Mario and characters. There is 15 record from Super Mario 64 with 40 characters of Mario games which include Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Koopalings, Wario and others.


Versions of Mine craft which relates to Nintendo switch, adds some new worlds such as Chinese mythology, Halloween, Greek mythology, and skin, as well as other packages, including Redstone Specialists, many battles with the beast skin pack, and two party packs.

Microsoft said the game will be launched today but will be available for the first time on the Nintendo eShop in North America before other countries like Europe and Japan. A physical version will arrive in the future.



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