Nokia 9

The Finnish company Nokia has fascinated many technology lovers with the design of their latest smart phones. A few months ago, the European multinational had presented model 8, but we had very little news about its new phone which has not yet been presented to the consumer public. However, some images and videos of Nokia’s new product have been leaked, which will compete in the niche of high-end phones. The Nokia 9, is its new bet in this market. In addition, we had not been able to know more details about this device for a couple of weeks, but now and thanks to a video with details, we know much more about the Nokia 9.

Over the last few months, Nokia has had a good trend in the design of their phones: screens with reduced frames. Nokia, meanwhile, has been a company that maintains the design of its mobile phones with classic and very conservative features, although everything could change with the presentation of this terminal, as Nokia 9 will also be part of the list of devices that have reduced biscuits.

Now again we can see how the renders, rumors and leaks begin to arrive, because on the Internet there is one of the best videos we can see about Nokia 9. It’s nothing official, but we can get an idea about the new Nokia project.

It can not be said that Nokia terminals have spectacular designs, as we see in other devices on the market. Its high end has a rather conservative design, however, it seems that the company has decided to change. The Nokia 9 is a reality now.

We will appreciate a design very similar to the Nokia 8, although its screen will be bigger and taken advantage of. The bevels of this device will be smaller, on the sides as well as the bottom and top. In addition, it is a partial renovation, while the rear will continue to have metal and a camera virtually identical to the one we see in the current Nokia 8.

We should be at the disposal of all the information on this device, because its arrival according to some rumors of serious technology experts for November or December. This smartphone will also have Android 8.0 Oreo and some novelty in addition to the screen.

In the video broadcast on social networks you can see the images that detail each part of the phone. As for the external part of this mobile, it must be said that it is identical to the previous Nokia product, the Nokia 8, in addition, there is talk of 6GB of RAM, and another version of 8 GB of RAM, and an internal storage of 128GB.

The colors of the smartphone have also been announced in the video, which has 5 options: black, red, gray, sky blue and dark blue.

All the world knows that Nokia will keep secret some of the most important features of its next smartphone.

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