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Google brings new features in Google Analytics and Google analytics users will soon be able to ask questions about the data in the form of natural language queries.

Google said these features work similar to natural language processing technology as it’s currently available across other Google products like Search and Android.
After these features available on Google analytics, all users will have the ability to type or speak out a question and instantly get a breakout of analyzed data that ranges from basic numbers and percentages to more detailed visualizations in charts and graphs.

Google says their main goal and aims are making data analysis more accessible to workers across a business, it will help to users, while in turn freeing up analysts to focus on more complex research and discovery.

This new features asking questions are tied to the Analytics Intelligence platform, this new features will help users better understand their data. In a post, Google said Analytics Intelligence will surface new metrics and include smart lists, smart goals, session quality, and automated insights.

With time this natural language functionality will improve and give them best results.

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