Korean technology multinational Samsung is already working to prepare the next generation of smart phones with which it is planning to conquer the market, and to achieve this ambitious goal the company is developing new 11-nanometer processors.


These processors will be included in their new mid-range and high-end phones, which some experts say will have a great performance with a smaller size.

In fact, Samsung said in a press release that these new 11-nanometer processors will deliver up to 15% performance over the previous generation 14-nanometer processors.

It is known by many that Samsung has revealed what will be their scheme of work to present these new products within a maximum period of three years.

“Samsung has started the process to launch 11-nanometer processors for different uses. We are in the process of moving from 14 nm to 11 nm and then start with 10 nm, 8 nm and get to manufacture processors in 7 nm from here three years. “According to statements made by Ryan Lee, vice president of Samsung Electronics.

These processors are expected to begin manufacturing in early 2018, prompting speculation that the new Galaxy smartphone will not be built with an Exynos processor.

In any case, it is clear that Samsung has been doing a very good job with their processors for the past few years, and, to this day it is the best manufacturers we found, so we will only have to wait for the next Galaxy A, J or C to see these new processors work, and determine if Qualcomm has to worry or not.

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