Samsung to recycle tons of Note 7 materials


Samsung Electronics will soon recycle and reuse material from recalled Galaxy Note 7 units, recently Samsung Electronics announced.

The South Korean tech giant forecast that company will recover tons of Gold, Silver, Cobalt and copper from this recycle process and this process will start this month.

Most of the important parts, the OLED display, memory and camera modules of the phone will be reused or sold as well, the company announced.

In the beginning of this month, the company launched Galaxy Note FE, or Galaxy Note Fandom Edition, in South Korea, which utilized unused or unboxed Note 7s.  All resting stocks of the phone will be part of the recycling initiative.

Agency Greenpeace – which forced and linked with Samsung to take the action for deposes the note 7 in an environmentally friendly manner. Greenpeace welcomed the decision but stated that other companies should also apply to other products as well.

Samsung stated that this process wills exponent eco-friendly policies for the making of new products and disposal of materials going forward.

Last year Samsung Company sold millions of the phone Galaxy Note 7 phablet, the year before it was recalled due to faulty batteries catching fire.

Last year company business was fallout but with their Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has recovered from the fallout, near about 5 million units sold worldwide in less than a month.

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