Samsung Secures Self-Driving Car Testing Permit in California


Now Samsung is going to enter the market of the self-driving vehicle, the company confirmed on Thursday, they got a permit to test self-driving vehicles in California, iPhone maker Apple has already received a permit for self-driving testing a few months ago.

In May a parent company got permission from South Korean authorities for testing their software system and sensors in the car and they wanted to fit in it. At that time, the South Korean official stated that the company planned to make software algorithm for a self-driving car in adverse weather.

In a statement to Reuters, Samsung did not say precisely what it planned to test in the United States but said it secured the permit “in pursuit of a smarter, safer transportation future.”

Company deals with mostly all kinds of electronic gadgets from washing machines to heavy machinery said it has “no plans to enter the car-manufacturing business.”

With the foray into the US self-driving car landscape, Samsung will jostle with its friends and foes. Besides Apple, it will join Waymo, a division of Alphabet Inc, which supplies the Android operating system that runs on Samsung’s phones.

In future Samsung has great opportunities for growth in the self-driving car business. In the beginning of this year the company brought in $8 billion purchase of car audio maker Harman International Industries, it indicates how the company is eager to connect with car technologies.



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