Sorry, Luke – however it seems like two of your lightsaber and R2-D2 have new proprietor.

In an sale of that  I’d like to act took place before a Sandcrawler in the midst of  a desert, anyone reportedly  just fall of $2 million dollars on R2-D2.

“But wait — is it the R2? Like, the one used in the original trilogy?”

Alas, as far as anyone knows, the answer to that question can never really be “yes”. There were multiple R2s built for different situations across the original films — a few for when Kenny Baker was inside, a few for action scenes, etc. Meanwhile, most of them were gutted and re-purposed as necessary as the series continued.

Alas, untill anybody aware, the answer to that question can never actually be “yes”. There were  diversified R2s built for various conditions  beyond the standard films— a some for when Kenny Baker was inside,  a some for action shows, etc. Untill, almost were gutted and  re-purposed as essential as the set began.

This unit, then, is one that’s pieced together from bits and bobs across the many models across the films, with a final product thats said to be the most collectively “film used” known to exist. It’s made up of things like:

This crew, then, is one that’s composed together from bits and bobs beyond the many models beyond the films,with a final item thats stated to be the  much altogether  “film used” famous to happen. It’s made up of elements such as:

The top dome and articulating eye lens as controlled by Kenny Baker in A New Hope

  • Two legs used in Empire, and one created for Episode 1
  • Accent/detail pieces on the body from A New Hope
  • Reasonably not contained: a hologram of a princess announcing you her only belief.

One can move all Ship of Theseus here and inquire how many portions of a thing can be exchanged/replaced since something is no longer that thing —  but provided that “that object” defensibly never occured in an alone constant form, it’s all a little doubtful. And in situation like this, beauty is in the vision of the person falling the fat pile of money.

Although the online  auction page (and the picture up top) advise a last bid of $2.3 million dollars,  the auction house declares on its Facebook page that the last cost came in at even heftier $2.75 million (the latter number possibly coming after auction fees and whatnot.)

Untill, Luke’s lightsaber as utilized together in A  New Hope and Empire — the one that once resided to Anakin and that he’d after change with one of he  built himself — gone for $375,000. That’s a good little above the $150-250k the auction home was initially believing in recive for it, although a part or two having gone lost  in the decades since filming. But, I mean, it’s Luke friggin’ Skywalker’s lightsaber.

No word till on who the purchaser of either lot is, however it’s possibly secure to say that they didn’t directly take R2 house and give him the usual oil bath. Whoever you are, just know: I’m envy.R2-D2


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