Spotify announced on Monday that they have 60 Million paying subscribers expanding its lead in the fast-growing world of music streaming.

The company is far away from their nearest competitors Apple music because their subscriber list is double from apple. Apple had 27 million subscribers according to their June reports.

Apple music app growth is increasing rapidly, the tech giant just 2 years ago and now reaches a huge list of subscribers.

If we talk about Spotify – it launched in 2008 and available in 60 countries. The first time they update about figure in March and when they announced that Spotify has 50 million subscribers.

In the June Statement Company said it had more than 140 millions overall users, and most people listen on its free, advertising-backed tier, which is controversial with many artists.

In the list one another company is increasing their reach and it is Paris-based Deezer, and Deezer is strong in continental Europe and according to June report, Deezer had 6 million paying subscribers.

some other companies are in the list and this streaming site is mogul Jay-Z’s Tidal, it launched last year by Amazon and early streaming site Rhapsody, which has rebranded itself as Napster.
These companies are increasing their business and their subscriber’s list increasing day by day,

These companies have helped the music business chart two years of bumper growth after long stagnation, although artists often question how much of the money comes back to them.


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