The guessing game is on in the right earnest as rumors fly thick and fast about the upcoming launch of the new iPhone, especially as the iPhone completes 10 years of its existence. Apple enthusiasts are keen to know not only the launch date, specifications, color of the new iPhone but also whether it has a glass design, curved OLED display.

The name of the new iPhone has also been speculated upon. Rumors abound about the name Apple will choose for its latest smartphone and the internet is flush with many such names albeit without any official confirmation.

The names doing the round include iPhone Pro, Apple phone, iPhone 8, iPhone X (or iPhone 10), iPhone Anniversary Edition), iPhone etc.

iPhone Pro

This name will bring newness to iPhone naming as Apple has never used such a name for any of its phones. In addition, the word Pro fits well with people’s view of the iPhone – it’s characteristics and functioning. Naming it the Pro will also bring symmetry among all Apple products. After all its iPad has a Pro version and so does its laptop – MacBook Pro.

Apple Phone

Speculation is rife as to whether Apple would make a fresh start and christen its new phone as Apple phone dumping the iPhone moniker to history. After all, Apple has Apple Watch, Apple Pay and of course Apple TV. But chances are that the company would not take such a big risk of dumping one of the most valuable brands in corporate history just to start a new era.

iPhone 8

If the internet could decide the name of the new smartphone it could undoubtedly be iPhone 8 as it is the name that is found all over the internet and is a trend setter on Google Trends. This is the name by which most people refer to the yet to be released iPhone even though we could have not one but 3 new iPhones launched this year.

iPhone X

Calling the new smartphone the iPhone X (10) would indeed be a smart, logical and chic way of celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. The only downside is that people may not pronounce it as iPhone 10 but as iPhone ex.

iPhone Anniversary Edition

Many people think that this is an apt name for the yet to be launched smartphone line as it will bring a feeling a nostalgia to Apple lovers which can help the company. But as others have pointed out this business of nostalgia goes against the whole philosophy of Apple. It does not dwell on the past and neither does it want its users to do so. It aims to focus solely on the future and wants consumers to look forward towards a better future and not in days gone by.


Many people are of the view that Apple could name its latest high-end smartphone as just iPhone without any appendage. It is something that they have done earlier with the laptop launched in 2015 which was named just MacBook. But it is a name that does not fit in with the essence of a good SEO term and hence a bad branding mistake.

These are all rumors and would be put to rest only when Apple announces the name officially in a few weeks time. We can expect Tim Cook to unveil the new iPhone at a well-attended event which could have any of these names or some new name yet unheard of.

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