solar eclipse
Into darkness, and then no more light? CBS Photo Archive

A self-exclaimed Christian numerologist believes that the hidden planet Nibru will smash us post the Solar eclipse.

Where might we be without general announcements, all alone heading towards the end?

The main issue is that you never know which one to accept. All things considered, today a few people are concerned about we’re heading into atomic war with North Korea.

That may make another energizing expectation of our Earth’s downfall a touch repetitive. I’m discussing the thought that the up and coming sunlight based shroud will prompt an awful event.

As indicated by alleged Christian numerologist David Meade, our days are numbered. He told non-logical British daily paper the Daily Star that the obscuration is a harbinger of fate.

His premise is a section from the Book of Isaiah that talks about the great Lord decimating us when “the Stars of Heaven and their groups of stars won’t demonstrate their light” and “the Rising Sun will be obscured and the Moon won’t give its light.”

At that point, he goes into some muttering clutter to declare about the number 33. He at long last circles with the thought that the secretive concealed Planet Nibiru will all of a sudden show up after evil and darkness has quickly ruled and on September 23 – which is 33 days after the solar eclipse – crush directly into us.

Hold up, is this a similar Planet Nibiru that acquired the apocalypse 2012? It is, without a doubt.

Indeed, even in 2012, NASA revealed to us that the Nibiru thing wouldn’t occur. Be that as it may, maybe it did and now the following end of the world will just be a mimicked end times.

These paranoid notions give a little dull alleviation during the consistent change. Why, back around February 16, the space rock 2016 WF9 should crush into us and make a wide range of calamity.

I feel beyond any doubt this didn’t occur, as the president tweeted on that day: “Securities exchange hits a new high with the longest winning streak in decades. The Extraordinary level of certainty and good faith – even before the much-awaited tax plan roll out!”

We’re cruising ever skyward. Our potential is boundless. Before long, in the event that you trust Google’s chief of designing Ray Kurzweil, we’ll be “divine.”

Regardless of the possibility that we need to live on Planet Nibiru ourselves since we’ve destroyed Planet Earth all without anyone else.

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