It seems that Tinder has understood that user is waiting some more functions on matchmaking app. The company has understood find it easy to manually search for partners, studying each profile before swiping right or ‘nitpicking’ them. Finally, the company is adding a new feature to make the work easier. It called ‘Super Likeable’, an artificial intelligence feature that promises to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for users.

This feature will make it easier for the user to search for people. The new feature can pick easily the potential partners for the user based on their interests. “Super Likeable is a new artificial intelligence-powered experience that aims to delight and surprise with a simple and fun new format to introduce you to people we think will be of special interest to you. When a user comes across the Super Likeable feature, they’ll receive a free Super Like they can send to one of the four people we’ve presented to you,” said Tinder in a blog post.
The company said about the feature that there is no way to manually find this feature or switch it on. The user will get feature when they swipe it show up automatically. “If you land on it, it means you just earned one free Super Like that you can send to any of the four people presented to you on that card. Right then. Right there. Right on,” Said Tinder.

The company mentioned that this feature increases users likelihood of matching by three times. Users can use this feature automatically but they have needed to wait now because currently, the Super likable feature is in the testing phase in New York and Los Angles. Soon this feature will reach other countries soon.

It is great news recently company added ‘Reaction’ and it makes more worthy. As we know reactions are animated responses that user can send to someone on Tinder instead of typing and send words. It is great for making conversation funny.

It is easy to use, the user would simply have to open a Tinder conversation, tap the smiley icon and send the Reaction.

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