Bike Computer App

Check out why Bike Computer is better than any other cycling app

Bike Computer is the most advanced free mobile application for cyclists.

Bike Computer application has several characteristics that stand out from the rest. We suggest to first download the application and test its functionality and its simple and minimalist design, so you can see the difference.

The Android version can be found HERE Android:

The iOS version is  HERE:

Bike Computer has all the standard measurements provided by the best professional tracking devices, but packaged as an application for your smart phone.

Check out the brand new video :



This app most stands out for its future called KEEP ME SAFE that in case of an accident notifies your emergency contacts through an SMS the location and speed of your accident.

Smart Battery Management

Bike Computer use an array of improvements in battery consumption and it consumes 12% less battery than any other cycling application.

Strava compatibility

If you are a Strava user then you can synchronize all of your cycling activities.

Bike accessories

There are several cycling accessories compatible with the software that will be available for purchasing directly from the application. We had the opportunity to test the Power Bank mask for cyclists which is in its final testing phase.  The Power Bank mask  extends the battery life for up to 10 hours in active work mode of the app and it is  beautifully designed, slim and easy.

You can see part of the bicycle accessories  in the promotional video that Bike Computer has launched recently.

Check out their brand new video :

Next step

Bike Computer’s team is currently working on many other functions within the application, such as History of activities, Offline Maps, Navigation, Statistics, Advanced share on social networks.

We can confirm the news that Bike Computer will add cadence sensors and more professional metrics that will be personalized and interchangeable. The team is also working on a mobile Bike Shop that is integrated into the app, with plans to work with independent manufacturers of cycling gear.

Try Bike Computer for Android and iOS.


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