Soon UK may introduce drone registration, safety tests.


LONDON: The UK government is going to introduce drone registration and safety awareness course for people who have own small unmanned aircraft to stop its misuse and protect the public, published in a media report Yesterday.

There had many small incidents happened with drones in the UK and this decision came in limelight after several reports, of recent accidents.

According to the Department of Transport, this registration will be mandated for all owners of drones, who have more than 250 grams weighing drones, according to BBC report.

The main goal of this drone safety awareness test will involve potential flyers having to “prove that” Owners understand Country Safety, security, and privacy regulations”, it said.

Yet they have not decided time frame or form plans as for when the new rules will be enforced, and department admitted that” they are still making planning on this new rule” (that “the nuts and bolts still have to be ironed out”).

In plan Authority will include the extension of geo-fencing, they will program some no-fly zones into drones, using GPS co- ordinates, around areas such as prisons and airports, it said.

In reports Aviation ministers Lord Martin Callanan said: “Our measures priorities protecting the public while maximising the full potential of drones”.

According to them, drones are proving vital for inspecting transport infrastructure for repair and help policies and fire services in different cases such as in search and rescue operation, even helping to save lives.

“But as all technology, it has another face, drones can be misused. By this new process of registering drones and drones and introducing safety awareness tests to educate users, Authority said we can decrease the inadvertent breaching of airspace restrictions to safe the people.

Authority stated that in March similar registration rules were successfully challenged in court in the US and as a result, they restrict non-commercial flayers, the report said.

Last year in November, an incident has happened when a passenger jet approaching Heathrow Airport was involved in a near-miss incident with two drones that was the first recorded instance in the UK


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