On Thursday YouTube officially announced that from 20 September YouTube Video Editor and Photo slideshows tool are being retired. They are not going to remove all editing features, however creators will still be able to use the Enhancements like trimming, blurring and filters. The company said the limited use of these features is the reason for the discontinuation.

This announcement makes on a Google Official Forum page, Merissa, a community manager, said, “We’ve seen the limited usage of these features, so we’re retiring them to focus our efforts on building new tools and improving on other existing features.

In Announcement Company said, they announced because Users who have projects in the video Editor or photo slideshow section, they will need to finalize them before September 20. Which videos have already published with Video Editor or Photos slideshow will be unaffected and that will not remove. If any users want to download their videos from the Video Editor, they can download in 720p resolution or they have options, “they can use Google Takeout to get them in original quality”.

Youtube is not going to disappear all editing from the YouTube platform- some features are available for amateur users who want to make minor changes and adjustments in videos without re-uploading an entire video again. All creators will use the utilize the Enhancements features on YouTube, and this feature is available in the Video Manager Section. Enhancements features allow some features for edits like trimming, blurring, and filters.

Google is indicating to the innumerable free and paid third party editing videos tools that users can use instead of Video Editors and photos slideshow features. Google can read more details on Creator Community and Creator Hub for more information.

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